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Fertcare – What's It All about?

Fertcare® lifts the skills and knowledge of anyone involved in the supply of fertiliser and soil ameliorant products. It ensures that high quality advice is passed on to farmers, allowing them to optimise productivity while minimising environment and food safety risks. Fertcare provides high quality training for all, and robust quality assurance of advisors to ensure standards are met and skills continuously improved It also provides certification of broadcast spreading equipment to help optimise the return on fertilizer and machinery investments through even application.

Trusted Advisors

Fertcare Accredited Advisors are assessed against standards set by the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC). Once competent they are audited biennially to ensure that these standards are being routinely applied. 



Fertcare Training

High quality, independent training under the National Qualifications Framework. Participants will have up to date knowledge on productivity, safety and environmental issues associated with fertiliser handling and use. Courses are available at three levels, from the complexity needed by an advisor to the practical information needed by a spreader or depot operator.

Fertcare Licensed Organisations

Organisations that display the Fertcare Organisation logo have all of their eligible staff Fertcare trained.

For Policy Makers And Researchers

With nearly 3000 people trained and an active database we can help you communicate with industry staff who speak to growers every day. We can support your objectives through communication, revision of materials or special workshops. 

Nutrients And Fertiliser Information

Fertcare is, or has been, involved in a number of projects with organisations like GRDC, Dairy Australia, Sugar Research Australia, and The Department of Agriculture. Participants are kept up to date as new research and development becomes available.

Evaluation Of Fertcare

The Fertcare program has been evaluated in several independent studies.

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Fertcare® is a registered trade mark, action will be taken against organisations or individuals for unauthorized use.