Managing Soil Carbon Under the Diverse Conditions in Europe and Australia

Policy makers across the globe are increasingly talking about soil carbon. Being part of soil organic matter, carbon, along with other elements, contribute to a number of beneficial roles and biological functions in agricultural soils.

Europe and Australia have different climates, soil types and agricultural systems – and both face the challenge of managing soil carbon.

Which aspect of soil carbon management are similar, which ones are different, and what can be learnt by comparing the two situations for those interested in a pragmatic approach to soil and plant nutrition?

To find out, Fertilizer Australia and the International Fertiliser Society, with support from the CRC for High Performance Soils and the International Nitrogen Initiative Oceania, have organised a programme of three webinars, looking at soil carbon management in contrasting environments. Each webinar will feature a presentation by two regional experts, followed by a panel discussion, with questions from attendees.

The programme will be opened by Australia’s National Soils Advocate, The Honourable Penelope Wensley AC.

Topics and dates:

  1. Soil Management Overview - Tuesday 3 May 2022. View recording HERE
  2. Arable/Cropping Systems - Tuesday 10 May 2022. View recording HERE
  3. Managed Grassland / Pasture - Tuesday 17 May 2022. View recording HERE


For further information, including speaker and panelist bios, and registration click here.