The Issue

In 2002 terrorists bombed a nightclub in Bali killing more than 200 people, including 88 Australians. Coming after the “9/11” attacks in the USA in 2001, this brought home to Australians the real threat posed by extremists and the possibility that similar incidents could occur in Australia.

Some fertilisers can be used as explosive precursors and have been used in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in many parts of the world. 

Fertilizer Australia Response

Following the Bali bombing Fertilizer Australia approached the Australian Federal Police Bomb Data Centre to discuss what actions the industry could take to help manage the risk of fertilisers being misused in this way.

Following further discussions with the Attorney General’s Department, Fertilizer Australia developed a Security COP and Security Guidelines for Agricultural Distributors.

The COP sets out a risk assessment and treatment process to help businesses to effectively manage security risks. It contains specific requirements that must be met for products that are identified by the Australian Government as high security risk chemicals. The Guidelines include a simplified check-list to assist rural retailers to manage security risk.

The Australian Government subsequently developed a National COP for Chemicals of Security Concern which was based on best practices from industry, including the Fertilizer Australia COP. Fertilizer Australia was an active participant in this joint industry and Government project. Our COP and guidelines are consistent with the National COP.

The Australian Government decided in 2004 that Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate was the product of greatest security concern and worked with industry and the States to implement regulations that provide strong controls on access to these products. During the development phase, Fertilizer Australia assisted by voluntarily implementing some of the key measures that were proposed for regulation.

The Fertcare training program includes a discussion of security and ensures participants are aware of the Security Guidelines for Agricultural Distributors. More than 2,900 people had received Fertcare training by the end of 2013 an increase of 300 during the year.

Details of how members of Fertilizer Australia are performing in managing security and ernvironmental issues can be found in the Sustainability and Stewardship Report.  To access the report click on the image above.


Security Code of Practice.pdf

Security Guidelines for Agricultural Distributors.pdf

The Australian Government has a National Security Web Site that assists industry and the general public to understand and manage security threats. The link below will take you to the Chemical Security section which includes information for fertilisers. The following videos, and others relating to security are also hosted on the National Security Web Site.

Australian National Security - Chemical Security