Packaging and Recycling

The Issue

Greater than 90% of the fertiliser used in Australia is sold in loose bulk which does not require packaging. The remainder is packed into bags and drums made from various plastics. This packaging protects both solid and liquid forms of fertiliser for transport, storage and use in smaller volumes.

Responsible disposal of fertiliser packaging will help to reduce waste and pollution.

Fertilizer Australia Response

In support of the Australian government’s commitment to recycle all plastics by 2040, the members of Fertilizer Australia have agreed to recycle fertiliser packaging.

Fertilizer Australia strongly supports and endorses its members to engage in a bag recovery program that meets the following criteria:


a) incentivise the end user to return the bag or have the bag collected, through ease of returning and value

b) be easy for members and their supply chain members to implement

c) ensure the collected plastic is not just stored, exported as is, burnt or put into landfill, with preference given to programs that reuse the bags in ways that support agriculture and are used domestically

d) have a traceability and reporting program to ensure a high level of recovery, reconciliation of costs and compliance with criteria, particularly the end use of the bags

e) the program must also collect 25kg bags

f) the program must also be able to recover the bags from fertiliser imported in bags.


Examples of recycling programs Fertilizer Australia members are engaged with include:

·         bagMUSTER – for more information click here.

·         drumMUSTER – for more information click here.

·         Big Bag Recovery – for more information click here.