Fertcare – What's It All About?


What is Fertcare ?

Fertcare is the fertilizer industrys program to train and equip people all along the fertilizer supply chain to promote:

•   productivity,

•   environmental stewardship, and

•   food safety.

Why is Fertcare of value ?

    Prudent fertilizer and soil amendment use can sustain or improve agricultural productivity and profitability which makes a significant contribution to global food, fibre and energy production.

    Fertilizer and soil amendments can harm the environment and cause food safety issues particularly at the point of end use. Informing farmers about these risks and referring them to sound advice on how to manage this risk is essential.

    Fertcare uses the best available evidence (science) to guide nutrient management practices and standards for sampling, laboratory analysis and interpretation.

What is the purpose of Fertcare ?

    Demonstrate effective management of nutrient issues that are of interest to farmers, natural resource managers and the general public.

    Encourage improved agricultural productivity and profitability through the efficient use of fertilizer and soil amendments.

    Provide a vehicle for the fertilizer industry to constructively engage with stakeholders and participate in public policy development on nutrient management and food safety matters.

    Help the industry manage environment and food safety risks associated with the end use of fertilizer.


There are three main components of the program:

Fertcare is supportive of, and in alignment with, the international 4R Nutrient Stewardship concept for fertilizer best management practices. The core of this simple concept is applying the right source of plant nutrients (or product), at the right rate at the right time and in the right place. This approach considers economic, social and environmental dimensions of nutrient management and is essential to the sustainability of agricultural systems. For a short video clip which explains the concept Click Here. For more detailed information on 4R Click Here.


Click here for an overview of what Fertcare means for a farmer.

Click here for the Fertcare Booklet

Click here for the Fertcare Handbook - a detailed description of the framework, rules and operation of the program

Click here for the Fertcare Style Guide  - guide to maintain consistency where the trademark protected Fertcare logo is used