Fertilizer Australia Strategic Plan 2021-2024 Survey

Fertilizer Australia’s 2018-2021 Strategy ends in June 2021 and it is now time to begin the process of developing Fertilizer Australia’s next strategic plan, for 2021-2024.


As with all former Fertilizer Australia strategic plans, the 2021-24 Strategic Plan will focus purely on the needs and future sustainability of the fertiliser industry.


To commence the process, the Board of Fertilizer Australia invites you to complete a brief survey.  The survey can be found by following this link within the Fertilizer Australia website.


The survey seeks your views on the issues the industry will face over the next five (5) years and the issues Fertilizer Australia should prioritise.


We are seeing parts of the world increasing pressure and scrutiny on the use of fertiliser and, locally, we are seeing concerns about fertiliser use in places like the Great Barrier Reef catchment zone.  It is more important than ever to ensure that Fertilizer Australia increases its presence with governments and decision makers to emphasise the importance of the fertiliser industry to Australia’s agricultural future prosperity and sustainability.


The 2021-2024 Fertilizer Australia Strategic Plan will assist the team at Fertilizer Australia to maintain a focus on the needs and priorities of the industry.