Labelling And Description

The Issue

The form of nutrient and the rate of application are key components of best practice nutrient management. They are critical inputs into decisions that affect both productivity and environmental risk. Fertilizers can contain a wide range of concentrations of various forms of nutrients. Consistent description of nutrient form and content allows informed decision making.

Fertilizers can also contain impurities from the raw material or manufacturing process. Some of these can present a risk to plant health, human health and food safety.

State Governments have developed regulations to manage description and safety of fertilizers. There are many differences in the detail of the various State regulations, but all have the intention of providing consistent information to users, and managing risks.

Many companies operate in multiple States with product regularly moved between States. This makes it difficult to manage compliance with the regulations where there are differences between the State requirements.

Fertilizer Australia Response

Working with the states, Fertilizer Australia developed a National COP for Fertilizer Description and Labelling. The COP was based on the strictest requirements of the various State regulations. It allows for consistent information to be provided to users.
Details of how members of Fertilizer Australia are performing in managing environmental issues can be found in the Sustainability and Stewardship Report.  To access the report click on the image at left.