Become a Member

Fertilizer Australia actively encourages all entities involved in the fertilizer industry in Australia to become members of the Association.

Any entity that meets the membership criteria adopted by the association, complies with the Rules and Codes of Practice adopted by the Association and pays the fees according to the fee structure current at the time of application or renewal of membership will be accepted as a member of the Association.

Full details on membership criteria can be found in the membership policy below.

Also listed below are documents that explain the value of membership, procedures and rules of the association, our codes of practice and the current fee structure.

An application for membership can also be downloaded below.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Value Statement.pdf

Members Code of Practice.pdf

Membership Policy.pdf

Fee Structure 2024-25

Fertilizer Australia Rules.pdf

New Member Application Form.pdf

New Member Application Form.docx

Other Codes of Practice

Fertilizer Handling Code of Practice.pdf

National Code of Practice for Fertilizer Description and Labelling.pdf

Purchasing Code of Practice.pdf

Security Code of Practice.pdf

Other Policies

Board Committees Working Groups Policy.pdf

FIFA Trade Practice Guidelines.pdf

Financial Management Policy.pdf

Issues and Media Policy.pdf

Member Compliance Policy.pdf

Security Policy.pdf