Our membership includes manufacturers, importers, and retail distributors of fertiliser in Australia. 

Members benefit from efficient engagement in public policy that allows them to have an strong voice, to be involved early, and to achieve significant outcomes. This level of engagement would be both difficult and expensive for individual companies.

Codes of practice and industry standards help members to manage risk, annual reporting provides assistance in routinely meeting compliance obligations as well as benchmarking performance against other member companies.

Our policies ensure that members are kept informed, have input into all activities, and have equal oportunity to benefit from the activities of Fertilizer Australia.

Our excellent reputation with government agencies and the science community helps to protect the reputations of individual member companies. 

You can view or download our codes of practice, strategy and policies from the links below. There is also information on how to become a member. If you are in the fertiliser industry you are encouraged to join, play your part, and reap the benefits. 

Codes Of Practice

View and download codes of practice that are followed by members of Fertilizer Australia.


View a summary of our strategy and download the full document.

Rules and Policies

The Rules and Policies of Fertilizer Australia ensure that our administration and governance are consistent and transparent.

Become A Member

Information on membership and the application form are available to download.


Members only.




Fertilizer Australia members, who are logged in to the site will also have access to the following:

Sales Statistics

Detailed six monthly sales statistics at state level for the ten major products, and total tonnage and nutrient tonnage for all products.

Board Papers

Agenda, minutes and background papers from recent board meetings are available here.

ILC Papers

Agenda, minutes and background papers from recent import logistics meetings are available here.