• • Advisors you can trust
    • Productivity
    • High quality training
    • Environment
    • Market Structure
    • Consumption
    • Sustainability
    • Supply
    • Global
    • Stewardship
    • Regulation
    • Climate Change
    • Quarantine
    • Security
    • Nutrients in water
    • Description and labelling
    • Food safety
    • Value
    • Responsibility
    • Engagement
    • Reputation
    • Sale Statistics
  • Oh help
For Members

For Members

Efficient engagement in public policy

  • Stay informed - early involvement
  • Influence policy outcomes
  • Reduce your business risk

​Manage compliance

  • Codes of practice 
  • Industry standards
  • Training and accreditation

​Protect your reputation

  • High profile - policy makers
  • Strong links - science community
  • Broad membership - reputable companies

​Play your part

  • Shape our agenda
  • Membership is voluntary
  • Without members...
For Advisors

For Advisors

Professional development

  • Continuous improvement 
  • Fertcare information and events

​Enhance your reputation

  • Fertcare Accredited Advisor – the only national standard
  • Recognition by science and policy community
  • Farmer recognition is growing

​Set the standard

  • Accepted standards 
  • Rational assessment of alternative products
  • Independent QA audit

​Play your part

  • Promote your status 
  • Add value to the brand
For Policy and Science

For Policy and Science

Efficient engagement with industry

  • Comprehensive membership
  • Effective engagement

​Specialist knowledge

  • Products and agronomy
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Customer requirements
  • Finance and economics


  • National training program
  • Accredited Advisors 
  • Contact with growers
  • Responsive members

​Play your part

For Farmers

For Farmers

Trusted products

  • Purchasing COP
  • Labelling COP
  • Substantiated product claims

​Trusted advice

  • Fertcare Accredited Advisors 
  • Fertcare training 
  • Fertcare Accu-Spread 

​Protect your farm

  • From hidden impurities
  • From Miss-labelled product
  • From unfounded advice
  • From uneven spreading

​Play your part

  • Ask for a Fertcare Advisor
  • Ask for an Accu-Spread contractor
  • Ask about labelling standards
4388Fertcare Courses
411Accredited Advisors
107Fertcare Premises

Track Record
  • Supported by government funding
    we have established a national training
    and accreditation program - Fertcare
  • Over 4000 Courses completed.
    Evaluated and awarded.
  • John Lewis (Director)
    receives a National Biosecurity Award
    from The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP,
    for our work on quarantine
  • Since the first "Bali bombing" Fertilizer Australia
    has worked with the authorities to reduce the
    risk of fertilizer being misused.
    Our security code of practice was used in
    developing a national code covering all chemicals
    of security concern.
  • Fertilizer Australia is helping to develop
    and implement policy and management practices
    to manage nutrients in the
    Great Barrier Reef catchments.
Our Team

Fertilizer Australia has a small staff and works with member companies to develop and implement our programs.

Adam Richardson


Adam is CEO of Summit Fertilisers. He has previously been Chair as well as serving as Deputy Chair three times. His priorities include seeing the Fertcare training program promoted through all agricultural sectors. 

Stephen Annells
Executive Manager

Stephen has a background in agribusiness across many sectors including grain, horticulture and supply chain. Stephen brings commercial strength and the ability to engage at a political as well as a farm gate level.

Jeff Kraak
Program Manager

Jeff manages the Fertcare program and other projects. He has a long background in the fertilizer industry in technical, product development and sales roles and as a private consultant.

Monique Thomson
Customer Services Manager

Monique is the public face of Fertilizer Australia and administers the Fertcare Program. She has a background in customer service in the disability sector.

Sarah Wilson
Communications Manager

Sarah has a wealth of experience as a communications and public affairs professional spanning government, private and not for profit sectors. Sarah has extensive experience in the agricultural industry and has worked for CropLife Australia, Australian Pork and the National Capital Agricultural Society..

Our Members