• • Advisors you can trust
    • Productivity
    • High quality training
    • Environment
    • Accurate spreading
    • Market Structure
    • Consumption
    • Sustainability
    • Supply
    • Global
    • Stewardship
    • Regulation
    • Climate Change
    • Quarantine
    • Security
    • Nutrients in water
    • Description and labelling
    • Food safety
    • Value
    • Responsibility
    • Engagement
    • Reputation
    • Sale Statistics
  • Oh help
For Members

For Members

Efficient engagement in public policy

  • Stay informed - early involvement
  • Influence policy outcomes
  • Reduce your business risk

​Manage compliance

  • Codes of practice 
  • Industry standards
  • Training and accreditation

​Protect your reputation

  • High profile - policy makers
  • Strong links - science community
  • Broad membership - reputable companies

​Play your part

  • Shape our agenda
  • Membership is voluntary
  • Without members...
For Advisors

For Advisors

Professional development

  • Continuous improvement 
  • Fertcare information and events

​Enhance your reputation

  • Fertcare Accredited Advisor – the only national standard
  • Recognition by science and policy community
  • Farmer recognition is growing

​Set the standard

  • Accepted standards 
  • Rational assessment of alternative products
  • Independent QA audit

​Play your part

  • Promote your status 
  • Add value to the brand
For Policy and Science

For Policy and Science

Efficient engagement with industry

  • Comprehensive membership
  • Effective engagement

​Specialist knowledge

  • Products and agronomy
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Customer requirements
  • Finance and economics


  • National training program
  • Accredited Advisors 
  • Contact with growers
  • Responsive members

​Play your part

For Farmers

For Farmers

Trusted products

  • Purchasing COP
  • Labelling COP
  • Substantiated product claims

​Trusted advice

  • Fertcare Accredited Advisors 
  • Fertcare training 
  • Fertcare Accu-Spread 

​Protect your farm

  • From hidden impurities
  • From Miss-labelled product
  • From unfounded advice
  • From uneven spreading

​Play your part

  • Ask for a Fertcare Advisor
  • Ask for an Accu-Spread contractor
  • Ask about labelling standards
4033Fertcare Courses
343Accredited Advisors
117Fertcare Premises

Track Record
  • Supported by government funding
    we have established a national training
    and accreditation program - Fertcare
  • Over 3000 Courses completed.
    Evaluated and awarded.
  • John Lewis (Director)
    receives a National Biosecurity Award
    from The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP,
    for our work on quarantine
  • Since the first "Bali bombing" Fertilizer Australia
    has worked with the authorities to reduce the
    risk of fertilizer being misused.
    Our security code of practice was used in
    developing a national code covering all chemicals
    of security concern.
  • Fertilizer Australia is helping to develop
    and implement policy and management practices
    to manage nutrients in the
    Great Barrier Reef catchments.
Our Team

Fertilizer Australia has a small staff and works with member companies to develop and implement our programs.

Stephen Annells
Executive Manager

Stephen has a background in agribusiness across many sectors including grain, horticulture and supply chain. Stephen brings commercial strength and the ability to engage at a political as well as a farm gate level.

Jeff Kraak
Program Manager

Jeff manages the Fertcare program and other projects. He has a long background in the fertilizer industry in technical, product development and sales roles and as a private consultant.

Monique Thomson
Customer Services Manager

Monique is the public face of Fertilizer Australia and administers the Fertcare Program. She has a background in customer service in the disability sector.

Stephan Titze

Stephan is President of  Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, and Chairperson of the Fertilizer Australia Board.

Our Members