Current Members

Ordinary (full) members are listed in four categories.

  • Manufacturers

  • Bulk Importers

  • Distributors

  • Suppliers/Agents

These categories indicate the type of business our member conducts, however many members operate across categories. For example many manufacturers are also bulk importers.

Fertilizer Australia also has associate members which are businesses that are indirectly involved in the fertiliser industry, such as shipping companies, or fertiliser businesses with a turnover of less than $10 million per annum.

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 Advanced Nutrients Pty Ltd    CBH Fertiliser    SABIC Australia Pty Ltd
Agfert Fertilizers Pty Ltd

   Haifa Australia Pty Ltd    Solvay Interox PTY LTD
Agri-Access Australia Pty Ltd
   Hunter Quality Solutions P/L    Syden
   International Raw Materials Pty Ltd    Whitfert
Argus Media  Media Singapore Group 
   K-Fert pty Ltd
   Wilmar BioEthanol (Australia) Pty Ltd
CBH Fertiliser
   Rabobank International