About Fertilizer Australia

Fertilizer Australia, is the industry association representing manufacturers, importers and distributors of fertiliser in Australia, and associated service industries. Fertilizer Australia members supply over 95% of the fertilisers used in Australia. 

Our products, which supply essential plant nutrients, are a crucial input to Australian agriculture with an estimated value of more than $8 billion to Australia’s GDP.

Our Mission Statement is:

"Engage with government and other stakeholders to develop and implement policies which support the responsible contribution of our industry to the sustainable growth of Australian agriculture."

Fertilizer Australia's role is to manage issues that are common to members, where an industry wide approach is likely to be more effective than the actions of individual companies.

Fertilizer Australia's operating principles are to maintain a public profile in areas of interest to members by actively contributing to public policy debate and involving external stakeholders in the development of Fertilizer Australia programs. You can learn more about our current strategic priorities here and Fertilizer Australia's initiatives here 



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