For Policy Makers And Researchers

What Does Fertcare Offer?

  • A national training program, delivered through TAFE, under the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • Focussed on environment and food safety risk management whilst promoting productivity       
  • An accredited advisor scheme that can ensure that regulations, or best management practices are routinely incorporated into advice to growers.

How Can We Help?

We are continually revising the Fertcare® training material and can incorporate the latest policy advice, regulatory settings or agreed best practice.

Accredited advisors are audited every two years - we can ensure your regulation or best practice is routinely supported in recommendations to growers.

We have regular contact with Fertcare participants and can inform, update or retrain them when you have important information to impart. We can publicise your extension or education events to the right audience, geographically or by industry. We can also organise specialist workshops if you have complex information or programs to explain.