Fertcare Licensed Organisations


Organisations are licensed to use the Fertcare® Logos, incorporating the Fertcare trade mark, according to a license agreement. The granting of a license is based on an organisation having 100% of eligible staff Fertcare trained and 100% of spreading machines Accu-Spread certified. 

The file below contains a list of businesses who currently meet the requirements of the program and have a Fertcare licence in place. The license is re-issued each two years based on meeting the targets - in the renewal year. 

The licence application form can be accessed from the link below.

Only organisations with a current license agreement are permitted to use the Fertcare Logos so that they provide a clear mark of excellence in meeting Productivity, Environment and Food Safety best practice.
Organisations can opt for their Fertcare status to be public or to remain private.

Fertcare Licence Application Form.pdf

Licence Listing.pdf