In 2002 Australia adopted a strategy to maintain safe levels of cadmium in its agricultural soils and produce: an important move in ensuring safe food for Australians and a competitive edge for our agricultural exports.

The National Cadmium Minimisation Strategy (NCMS), working under the Primary Industries Standing Committee (formerly SCARM), provided a consistent and coordinated program to address issues related to the control of cadmium in soils and crops.

A National Cadmium Management Committee (NCMC) comprising representatives of all States, the Commonwealth, CSIRO, the National Farmers' Federation and the Fertilizer Industry Federation of Australia (now Fertilizer Australia) was established in 2002 to implement the NCMS. The Committee reported regularly to Primary Industries Standing Committee on the success of the strategy.

The NCMC ceased to operate as of December 2006 - having achieved all of its initial aims plus additional aims that arose during the term of the Committee. A copy of the Final Report of the NCMC which states the achievements and outputs of the Committee is available on the Publications page.

Fertilizer Australia agreed to host and continually update this website and information repository.  The website  provides advice on issues related to cadmium in agriculture. For queries related to cadmium in agricultural systems please contact  Fertilizer Australia E: info@fertilizer.org.au or P: 02 62732422.