Australian Cadmium Minimisation Strategy


The National Cadmium Minimisation Strategy (NCMS), working under the Primary Industries Standing Committee (formerly SCARM), provided a consistent and coordinated program to address issues related to the control of cadmium in soils and crops. Click Here


There were 4 key elements of the National Cadmium Minimisation Strategy  Click Here

About Cadmium

Cadmium is a naturally occurring element. Although cadmium is present at low concentrations in all soils, its accumulation in soil and hence through the food chain may lead to a health risk in humans. Click here


This website contains information produced by the work of the National Cadmium Management Committee (NCMC) between 2002 and 2006 and is being maintained and updated by Fertilizer Australia.  Click Here

Measuring cadmium in soils and plants

Analysis of cadmium in soils and plants is not straightforward due to the low concentrations in these matrices, especially for plant material where contamination from extraneous sources can lead to erroneously high results. Click Here


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