Fertilizer Industry Conference 2023 - Adelaide

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Presentations from the Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference 2019 can be opened or downloaded from the links below. Presentations are listed in the order in which they appear in the program.  All the presentations are copyright of the authors and should not be reproduced without the permission of the author.



Session 1 Market outlook & opportunities

Outlook for Australian agriculture – Vitor Pistoia

Fertilizer prices – have they found a floor?Alex Amin

Nitrogen pollution: An emerging issue for the global environment Fleur Downard & Amy Graham

Session 2 GHG emissions associated with N fertiliser manufacture

Decarbonising the Nitrogen Fertiliser value chain: How, Where and When-Karen Durand

Regional green ammonia production and it’s potential to reduce scope 3 GHG emissions for growers-David Statham and David Heard

What’s on the horizon for Green Ammonia synthesis technology?-Dr Charlie Day


Session 3 GHG emissions associated with N fertiliser use

N Fertiliser use & GHG emissions-Dr Rob Norton

Cool Soils Initiative-Dr Cassandra Schefe

ANSIS–opportunities for data sharing to improve soil management.-Peter Wilson

Recognised Soil Practitioner-Prof John Bennett


Session 4 Panel session - new technologies impacting the fertiliser industry


Session 5  Quarantine & logistics

Overview of the Biosecurity Assurance System - Stephen Annells

Strengthening Australia’s Biosecurity System-Tina Hutchinson

GHS & DG awareness within the fertilizer supply chain-Richard Greenwood

Measuring the volume of bulk piles of fertiliser with technology-Nicholas Davies

Session 6  Business leadership

Leadership in agriculture-Paul Thompson

Agribusiness recruitment landscape-Mick Hay

Gathering farm input data including fertilizer & its value to a range of stakeholders-James Finlay