AFIC 2019 - Gold Coast

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2019 Conference Program

Session 1 Public Policy and Ecomics

Fertilizing the farm not the Estuary - working towards best practice in collaboration with industry - Malcom Robb

Regulating for reef water quality - an update - Louise Smyth 

Responsible management of biotech seed traits through industry stewardship - Osman Mewett

Economic update - where to for Australia's agricultural sector? - Phin Ziedell

Session 2 Market opportunities and fertilizer market outlook

A cotton industry in northern Australia a new opportunity with some old challenges - Dr Stephen Yeates

Kalium Lakes - developing Australia's first SOP operation- Brett Hazelden 

Panel discussion on supply and demand factors likely to impact the Australian fertilizer market over the coming 2 years to be chaired by Tanya Rybarczyk (CSBP). The panel will consist of Carl Roache (Argus Media), Chen Shiqing (Wengfu), Stephan Titze (Incitec Pivot Fertilisers), Brett Freer (Landmark) & Dr Kate Burke (Think Agri). (no visual aids)

Session 3 Technology and Agribusiness

The 4th revolution, technology in agriculture - Dr Mike Briers

Soil testing - a great investment, not just another cost- Peter Brick

Using the SnapBait structure for in-field calibration of fertiliser spreaders - John Moore

Bosh and Monash Universities Ag Tech Launch Pad - fostering innovation - Emma Lucia

Session 4 Fertilizer and Application Technology

The Soil CRC - what's on the horizon? - Dr Michael Crawford

Precision agriculture for improved productivity and environmental outcomes- Dr Rob Bramley

Fertilized legumes significantly improve productivity and returns from pastures in the Brigalow Belt - Gavin Peck

Potassium and the Australian grains industry - Dr Rob Norton

Session 5  Fertilizer Shipping and Logistics

Meeting the low sulphur fuel challenge - Angela Gillham

Road transport - making practical sense of the chain of responsibility - Sean Carlson 

Fertilizer zinc products dangerous goods status and the implications - Stephen Annells

More Profit from Nitrogen Sessions

Increasing nitrogen use efficiency in dairy pastures - Dr David Rowlings

Improving dairy farm nitrogen efficiency using advanced technology - Dr Helen Suter

Quantifying the whole farm systems impact of nitrogen best practice on dairy farms - Prof Richard Eckard

Smart blending of enhanced efficiency fertilisers to maximize sugarcane profitability - Dr Weijin Wang

Improve nitrogen use efficiency through accounting for deep soil and mineralizable N supply & deployment of EEFs to better match crop N demand - Dr Lukas Van Zwieten

New technologies & managements: transforming NUE in cane production - Dr Matthew Redding

Optimising nutrient management for improved productivity & fruit quality in mangoes - Dr Constancio(Tony) Asis

More profit from nitrogen - enhancing nutrient use efficiency in cotton - Dr Graeme Schwenke