Fertilizer 2016 - Cairns

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Presentations from the Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference 2016 can be opened or downloaded from the links below. Presentations are listed in the order in which they appear in the program.

2016 Conference Program

Session 1 Policy

Great barrier Reef issues and Queensland Government Response - Nichols.E.pdf

Improving the Use of Fertilisers in Reef Catchments-Extension, Regulation, Incentives and Innovation - Johnson.C.pdf

Green Growth Plan - Drew.N.pdf

Industry Engagement - Richardson.A.pdf

Session 2 Stewardship

IFA - Raising the Global Profile of the Fertilizer Industry - an Industry Image up for Change - Harz-Pitre.Y.pdf

Fertcare Important for our Industry and Incorporating Organics - Kraak.J.pdf

Fertcare in Action, The Advantages of Fertcare Advisor Accreditation to Elders - Page.G.pdf

Great Barrier Reef Current Status - Morris.S.pdf

Session 3 Biosecurity and Logistics

Biosecurity Legislation and the Importation of Fertiliser - Herrick.L.pdf

Revising Protocols - Herrick.L.pdf

Is a weak Shipping market Good for the Australian Fertiliser Market - Everett.C.pdf

Facilities Stewardship - Fertilizer Handling Codes of Practice - Kraak.J.pdf

Facilities Stewardship - Lessons from Newcastle Parts 1 and 2 - Peter.A and Rayner.M.pdf

Session 4 Technology 1 - Production

Australia's More Profit from Crop Nutrition program - McLaughlin.M.pdf

Better Fertilizer Decisions Database - Cox.T.pdf

Rapid Screening of Controlled Release Fertilizers - McLaughlin.M.pdf

Yield Mapping - An Essential Component of Site Specific management - Markley.J.pdf

Session 5 Economics and Markets

Global and Australian Economic Outlook - Waiting For The Bounce - Harvey.M.pdf

Fertilizer Market outlook - Zhao I.pdf

Reef Tender - Economic Incentives Drive Change - Cameron.A.pdf

Session 6 Life and Business

Ian Berry - Thriving on the Challenges of Change

Session 7 Technology 2 - Environment

Coatings and Inhibitors, Production and Relevance to Fertiliser Efficiency - Stacey.S.pdf

The practicalities of Using Controlled Release Fertilisers - Muster.T.pdf

Intercepting Nutrients from Waterways using Floating Wetlands - Drapper.D.pdf

How to build momentum in Agricultural Sustainability - Perspectives from Smartcane BMP - Kealley.M.pdf

Identifying and Managing Variability for Site Specific Management - Hughes.J.pdf