Australia New Zealand Fertilizer Industry Conference 2013

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World Fertilizer

Global Policy Issues - Risks and Opportunities for the Global Fertilizer Industry - Hebebrand.pdf

The Environmental Imperative & Actions - Bishop.pdf

ANZ Fertilizer

Productive Agriculture and the Great Barrier Reef - Andersen.pdf

Andersen - Paper.pdf.pdf

Managing Land and Water - Collaborate or Perish - Bisley.pdf

ANZ Fertilizer Industry Stewardship

Fertcare - Trainer - Harbison.pdf

Harbison - Paper.pdf.pdf

Fertcare - System Manager - Walker.pdf

Fertcare - Advisor - Keevers.pdf

Fertcare - Accu-Spread Contractor - Moffatt.pdf

Fertcare - Carbon Farming Extension Project - Kraak.pdf

Kraak - Paper.pdf.pdf

Nutrient Management Advisor Certification in New Zealand - Tillman.pdf

Tillman - Paper.pdf

Trade and Markets

Blueprint for Australian Agriculture - Mahar.pdf

Global Market Factors and Outlook Nitrogen and Potassium - Reynolds.pdf

Reynolds - Paper.pdf.pdf

Global Market Factors and Outlook Phosphorus - Persona.pdf

Fertilizer in a Changing World

US Regulation and 4R Nutrient Stewardship - Snyder.pdf

Snyder - Paper.pdf

Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultrure and NRM - Campbell.pdf

Crop N and P Demand Under Climate Change - Norton.pdf

Norton - Paper.pdf

Making Better Fertilizer Decisions

Overseer 6 - Roberts.pdf

Roberts - Paper.pdf

Better Fertilizer Decisions for Cropping - Speirs.pdf

Speirs - Paper.pdf

Dairy Nitrogen for Greater Profit - Gourley.pdf

Gourley - Paper.pdf

Fert$mart - Kowitz.pdf

Product Issues and Innovation

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers - Suter.pdf

Suter - Paper.pdf

The Challenges of DCD - Oram.pdf

Long Term SSP Application and Soil Cadmium - Cavanagh.pdf

Cavanagh - Paper.pdf.pdf

Information Management in Agribusiness

Advances in Sensing and Robotics - Bonchis.pdf

Bonchis - Paper.pdf.pdf

Technology in Farming - Geeves.pdf

Quarantine and Logistics

Biosecurity Policy and Industry Engagement - Hunter.pdf

Import Protocols for Bulk Containerised and Bagged Fertilizer - Ironside.pdf

Managing a Complex International Logistics Chain - Kot.pdf

Rural Retail - Creating Value

The Client Perspective - Hood.pdf

The Retailer Perspective - McGregor.pdf

The Supplier Perspective - Lomax.pdf

Duperouzel - Paper.pdf.pdf

National Security Code of Pratice - Wittkopf.pdf