Fertilizers In Focus FIFA Conference 28-30 May 2001

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The broad objectives of the Conference were:

· To highlight the importance of the fertilizer industry to Australian agriculture and its linkages with the overall Australian economy, and;
· To examine in more detail the environmental, food safety and plant quarantine issues that are impacting the industry.

The papers presented at the Conference covering the second objective also provide an up-date of the progress made by the industry in the past year in implementing its strategic plan to address issues of critical importance to the fertilizer industry in Australia.

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Opening Address Warren Truss - Minister Agriculture Fisheries and Forestory Australia.pdf

FIFA Strategic Plan Overview.pdf

Australian Ammonium Phosphate Production - WMC Fertilizers.pdf

Economics & Production

Fertilizer Feeds the World.pdf

Contribution of Fertilizer Industry to Australian Economy.pdf

Contribution of Fertilizers to Agricultural Production in Australia.pdf

Nutrient Balance and Status in Regional Farming Systems.pdf

Organic Industry and Fertilizers.pdf

Food Safety

Meeting Consumer Needs in Food Safety.pdf

Australian National Cadmium Minimisation Strategy.pdf

Removing Cadmium from Phosphorous Fertilizers.pdf

Codes of Practice

FIFA Codes of Practice and Environmental Protection Reviewed.pdf

Factory To Farm - AFSA Codes of practice.pdf

Fertilizer Labelling and Standards - Code for Industry.pdf

Codes of Practice - Purchasing Manufacture Storage Blending and Distribution.pdf

Guidelines for Developing Nutrient Management Codes of Practice.pdf

Training and Competency Standards - Nutrient Management.pdf

Imports & Quarantine

FIFA Surveyor Accreditation Scheme.pdf

Compliance Agreements - Industry Coregulation - Quarantine.pdf