Fertcare Handling

Target Participants:

Fertcare Handling is suitable for people involved in the direct handling of fertilisers, particularly in relation to storage, handling, professional application and general rural merchandise roles.  

Subject Matter:

Fertcare Handling training requires the completion of a compulsory core module - Product Knowledge - which provides a basic understanding of fertiliser compost and soil ameliorant products including:

  • Physical identification
  • Understanding labels
  • Storage and handling characteristics
  • The main environmental and food safety risks

Fertcare Handling also has two elective units:

  • Storage - covers topics such as regulations, solid and liquid fertiliser storage issues, and port operations
  • Application - participants can choose from broadcast spreading of solid fertiliser, banding solid and liquid fertiliser or boom liquid fertiliser application methods.

Accessing Fertcare Handling Training:

All Fertcare Handling modules are delivered via a contemporary web platform, hosted by NSW DPI Tocal College which can be ACCESSED HERE .

The course is available to anyone. The cost per person for 12 months access to all the Fertcare Handling training resources is $195 + GST and credit card charges.

Staff can register and pay for the Fertcare Handling training with a credit card HERE. After the payment has been authorised you can then gain access to the training modules.  A central administration person from within your business can also register multiple people and provide staff access to the training resources by providing their name and email address. 

If you change employment after you have completed Fertcare training, please advise the Fertcare Customer Service Manager of the change (P: 02 6273 2422 E: info@fertilizer.org.au)

Fertcare® is a registered trade mark, action will be taken against organisations or individuals for unauthorized use.