Fertcare Accredited Advisor

Target Participants:

Fertcare Accredited Advisor is suitable for people providing soil and fertiliser advice based on soil and plant analysis.

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Subject Matter:

The most common way to be recognised as a Fertcare Accredited Adivosr is to complete training recognised by Fertcare.

 Examples include:

    • Agronomy in Practice provided by Incitec Pivot Fertilisers. click here 
    • BSM Fundamentals inc Enviro offered by Back Paddock Company click here for more information.
    • NUlogic training which is exclusively offered to CSBP staff.
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Please note, as of July 2023, Fertcare C has been absorbed into existing training, leading to Fertcare Accredited Advisor recognition as outlined above. This means Fertcare C training no longer exists as it has in the past.

If you change employment after you have completed Fertcare training, you are asked to advise the Fertcare Customer Service Manager of the change (P: 02 6273 2422 E: info@fertilizer.org.au)

Fertcare® is a registered trade mark, action will be taken against organisations or individuals for unauthorized use.