Fertcare trains industry staff in the competencies required to meet their responsibilities for food safety and environmental risk management. It includes the competency to warn, advise and refer customers to information about the risks and how to manage them. Fertcare also develops awareness of the occupational health and safety issues associated with fertilizer and soil ameliorant products.

Fertcare training is delivered by independent and qualified providers, through nationally Registered Training Organizations. Each training course meets national competency standards under the Australian Qualifications Framework. Individuals can attain statements of competency by successfully completing the courses and these may be used as part of a formal qualification (eg. Certificate Level III in Rural Operations).

Fertcare training is undertaken through self-paced learning program, workshops, workplace assessment and on-line (e-learning) processes – depending on the level of training. There is also an induction package that provides new staff with early awareness of the program and their responsibilities.

Fertcare is delivered at three levels that match the specific needs of different fertilizer support roles. The training material is given local relevance through the assessment process which requires participants to gain an understanding of local issues and programs.

More about who needs to be trained can be found in the Fertcare Training Eligibility Fact Sheet below.

 Fertcare Training Eligibility.pdf


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