Level B

Target Participants:

Level B is considered medium in complexity. The material is designed for sales staff who spend a significant proportion of their time on fertilizers or people who discuss fertilizer types and use with growers, but do not carry out soil or plant test interpretations.

Subject Matter:

Level B provides basic education in soli and plant nutrition enabling sales staff to improve communication with their customers. It is can be combined with company specific training to deliver effective sales skills and meet stewardship objectives. Level B also covers logistics and OH&S issues at an awareness level.

The major subject areas addressed are:
  • Soils and nutrients
  • Fertilizers
  • Application methods
  • Environment and food safety
  • Regulation
  • Sampling
  • Logistics

It will improve participant's knowledge of fertilizer products while enabling them to provide warnings and simple advice. Importantly, Level B emphasises the need to refer customers to Fertcare Accredited Advisors where appropriate.

Level B participants need to allow time to undertake pre workshop reading and associated tasks(approximately 20 hours) prior to attending a one day workshop.

The course is available to anyone. Members of Fertilizer Australia and AFSA are eligible for a discount on course costs.

Training workshop dates

If you change employment after you have completed Fertcare training, you are asked to advise the Fertcare Customer Service Manager of the change (P: 02 6230 6987 E: info@fertilizer.org.au)

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