Fertilizer Industry Conference 2022 - Darwin

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Presentations from the Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference 2022 can be opened or downloaded from the links below. Presentations are listed in the order in which they appear in the program.  All the presentations are copyright of the authors and should not be reproduced without the permission of the author.

Session 1 Market outlook & opportunities

2030 Roadmap: Fiona Simson - President of National Farmers Federation 

Outlook for Australia agriculture: Dr Jared Greenville - Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences

Fertilizer market outlook: Andrea Valentini - Argus Media

Fertilizer projects within the Georgina Basin: Colin Randall - The Australian Potash & Phosphate Report 

Session 2 Industry Stewardship

Vision for Australian Soils: Hon Penelope Wensley - National Soil Advocate

What's new on the UN agenda for the fertilizer industry? Dr Yvonne Harz-Pitre - International Fertilizer Association 

Fertilizer Australia strategic plan: Stephen Annells - Fertilizer Australia

Protecting agriculture's freedom to operate. The importance of industry stewardship: Matthew Cossey - CropLife Australia

Session 3 Australian potassium demand & supply panel discussion

Australian potassium demand & supply panel discussion

Session 4 Crop and pasture opportunities

Soil & plant testing to better inform nutrient management in the southern grain industry: Dr Harm van Rees - Cropfacts

Recognized standards for enhanced nutrient management: Successes and future tasks: Dr Cameron Gourley - Soil Water and Nutrients Consulting 

Increasing the profitability and sustainability of Queensland beef production: Peter Spies - Thomas Elder Consulting

Recognised Soil Practitioner (RSP): a new professional accreditation. The importance of industry stewardship: A/Prof Vanessa Wong - Soil Science Australia

Session 5 Quarantine & Logistics

Offshore Biosecurity Assurance System - Department of Agriculture Water & Environment perspective: Barbara Cooper - DAWE

Offshore Biosecurity Assurance System - Industry perspective: Martin Gleeson - Incitec Pivot

bagMUSTER - Australia's first genuine bag collection and recycling program:  Dr Jana Phan - CropLife Australia

Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture: Dr Attilio Pigneri - H2U

Session 6 New soil & plant nutrition product

New fertilizer technologies likely to emerge in the coming years : Prof Michael McLaughlin - University of Adelaide Fertilizer Technology Research Centre 

Growing opportunities for Speciality Organic Products in AustraliaGary Murdock-Brown - Advanced Nutrients

Silicon Powerful Differentiation: Peter Prentice - Agripower