Fertilizer 2018 - Canberra

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Presentations from the Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference 2018 can be opened or downloaded from the links below. Presentations are listed in the order in which they appear in the program.


2018 Conference Program

Session 1 Economics & Markets

Global fertilizer markets outlook and implications for Australia - Carl Roache

Regulating to improving reef water quality- Elisa Nichols

Upcoming changes to COR legislation and safety responsibilities under primary duties - John Gilbert

The Serene Swan - Fertilizer Australia - Nick Drew


Session 2 Fertiliser Handling & Application Technology

N Fertilizer from the sun - Is it a pipe dream or soon to be reality - Vinod Patel

Ship to shed - Meeting & exceeding community expectations now and in the future - Paul Radford & Ryan Hazel

What is the value of Fertcare and industry associations? How does this help when things go badly wrong? - Rod Abbott

Fungicide treated fertilizer & cross contamination risks - Tim Ross


Session 3 Business Leadership & Management

Blockchain - Will it revolutionise food and agri supply? - Wes Lefroy

Leveraging your family business advantage - Greg Griffith

Cyber security  - Patricia Thorpe & Chris Kelly


Session 4 Soil & Plant Nutrition

Best practice pasture phosphorous management now and in the future - Dr Richard Simpson

Influences of alternative fertilizers on pasture production and soil microbial communities - Fiona Leech

Nitrogen supply from soil mineralisation in dairy pastures - Dr Helen Suter

Improving nitrogen use efficiency in irrigated cotton with the 4R's  - Dr Graeme Schwenke


2018 Machinery Field Day Program

Machinery Field Day

Fertilizer management using digital agriculture and automation technology - Rowan Rainbow

More profit from nitrogen using remote and proximal sensing technologies - Alexis Pang