Fertilizer 2017 - Torquay

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Presentations from the Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference 2017 can be opened or downloaded from the links below. Presentations are listed in the order in which they appear in the program.


2017 Conference Program

Session 1 Economics & Markets

Fertiliser market outlook - Gavin Ju

Surfing the swell of stocks - Wes Lefroy

Agribusiness - The BIG long - Tim Burrow (no visual aids used)

WHS launch - Amy Wyer and James Young

Session 2 Fertiliser & Application Technology

Paths toward the next generation of fertilizers - Dr Matt Redding (To view this you may need to register but there is no cost)

FarmMap4D - What is its value for agribusiness? - Phil Tickle

Implications of robotic farm vehicles for agribusiness & farm contracting businesses - Mark Calleija

Phosphorus and soil biology, bound together by chemistry (How to improve P availability) - Dr Cassandra Schefe

Session 3A Making Sense of Weather Forecasts & Models

Making sense of seasonal forecasts & models - Graeme Anderson

To view a video recording of Graeme's presentation Click Here

Making sense of seasonal forecasts & models - Dale Grey

To view a video recording of Dale's presentation Click Here

Making sense of seasonal forecasts & models - Dr Andrew Watkins

To view a video recording of Andrew's presentation Click Here

Session 3B Business & succession Planning

The pathway to a successful business & family transition - James Benson

Analysing business data - Marcus Pearl

The agribusiness recruitment landscape - challenge or opportunity? - Nigel Crawley

Session 4 Soil & Plant Technology

Dairy industry nutrient challenge - Sam Oakden

Fert$mart in Tasmania - Luke Taylor

Nutrient management guidelines for high rainfall zone cropping - Dr Malcom McCaskill

Real time soil tests in the field - science fiction or just over the horizon? - Dr Sean Mason

Fertcare Update - Jeff Kraak