Fertilizer 2015 - Mandurah

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Presentations from Fertilizer 2015 can be opened or downloaded from the links below.

Fertilizer 2015 Program.pdf

Presentations are listed in the order in which they appear in the program.

Session 1 Fertilizer and Markets

Economics and Agriculture - Moore C.pdf

Market Outlook - Sewell P.pdf

Market Information - Manage Risk and Grow Profit - Wheelhouse W.pdf

Northern Promise - Skevington S.pdf

Climate Change Projections - Bates B.pdf

Session 2 Business and Technology

Precision Ag - Ideas to Reality - Phillips S.pdf

Understanding Composts and Manures - Blaesing D.pdf

Bullshift - Horabin A.pdf

Session 3 Nutrition

Minimising Gaseous Losses of Nitrogen - Scheer C.pdf

Banding K Significantly Increases K Use Efficiency - Easton J.pdf

Lime and P - Lime - Gazey C.pdf

Lime and P - Phosphorus - Neuhaus A.pdf

Lime and P - The Full Story - Scanlon C.pdf

Session 4 Fertcare and Policy

Policy Focus - Phosphorous in Water WA - Strawbridge M.pdf

Dairy Farms - Objective Measurement - Responsible Fertilizer Use - Papalia R.pdf

Fertcare WA - McEwen P.pdf

Session 5 Business and Services

Bankwest Farmer Benchmark - McConnell G.pdf

WHS Monitor Health and Safety System For You and Case Study AFSA Member - Wyer A and Abbott R.pdf

Session 6 Nutrition - Soils - GMO - Policy

Fert$mart WA - Taylor S.pdf

Micronutrients - Brennan R.pdf

Delving Claying Ploughing - Soils Aint Soils - Ryan L.pdf

50 Shades of GMOs - Facts and Issues - Jones M.pdf

Fertcare Carbon Farming - Kraak.pdf