Fertilizer 2014 - Adelaide

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Listed below are presentations from the conference grouped into the conference sessions.

The program contains a synopsis of each presentation and a short biography of the presenter.

Written papers were not produced.



Plant Nutrition for Profit

More Profit from Crop Nutrition - Conyers.pdf

Dairy Nitrogen for Greater Profit - Gourley.pdf

Nutrient Use Efficiency - Profits and Policy - Norton.pdf

Top Dress Nitrogen for Profit - Walker.pdf

Carbon Farming and Industry Stewardship

Sustainability and Stewardship - Whiteside.pdf

Emissions Reduction Fund - Policy and Opportunities - Hutchinson.pdf

Case Study Carbon Storage Farm - Opportunities and Limitations - Keogh.pdf

Fertilizer Scenario Outputs from the FarmGas Model - Tomlinson.pdf

Best Practice Nitrogen Management - Dowling.pdf

Technology in the Field

eXtension - Changing the Knowledge Pathway - White.pdf

Improving Agronomic Decisions with Precision Agriculture - Wells.pdf

Information Sharing - Pengilley.pdf

DGT Soil Test - Where and Why - Mason.pdf

Sponsor Presentations

5 in 5 Green UreaNV - Incitec Pivot - Walker.pdf

5 in 5 - BioAg - Barton.pdf

5 in 5 Agrocote - Impact Everris - Stacey.pdf

Services for Profit

The Cost of a Poor Spread Pattern - Lightfoot.pdf

Fertcare for Productivity and Profit - Hoult - Kirk.pdf

Fertcare Customer Service - Brennan.pdf

Business Success Through Service - van Wegen.pdf

Technology in the Business

Computers Tablets Smartphones - Where Are We Headed - Pascoe.pdf

Customer Relationship Management - No presentation was provided.