Level C

Target Participants:

Level C is suitable for people providing soil and fertilizer advice based on soil and plant analysis.

Subject Matter:

Level C training covers the detailed and complex knowledge of environmental issues, including the use of a fertilizer environmental risk assessment and management methodology.
Level C training covers:
  • environmental issues
  • food safety
  • use of the Fertilizer Environmental Stewardship Review methodology (FESR)
  • the regulatory framework and label requirements
  • an awareness of OH&S and stewardship issues in transport, storage, handling and application of fertilizers.

Competencies in providing detailed nutrient advice based on soil and plant testing are considered a prerequisite for Level C training.

Level C participants need to allow time to undertake pre workshop reading and associated tasks prior to attending a one day workshop.

Level C is a prerequisite for application to become a Fertcare Accredited Advisor.

The course is available to anyone. Members of Fertilizer Australia and AFSA are eligible for a discount on course costs.

Training workshop dates

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If you change employment after you have completed Fertcare training, you are asked to advise the Fertcare Customer Service Manager of the change (P: 02 6230 6987 E: info@fertilizer.org.au)

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