How To Become A Fertcare Accredited Advisor

To gain initial FAA status, an individual must demonstrate they meet the five FAA Performance Standards (refer to Appendix II of the FAA Participants Manual: Fertcare Accredited Advisor Performance Standards) Fertcare Accredited Advisor Participant Manual

 Two options exist:

  • If the person has little of the required knowledge and skills, it is recommended that training is undertaken with a system provider who has met the Fertcare criteria for granting initial FAA status i.e. a System Manager offering Qualifying services. Successfully completing the training and assessment tasks would allow the person to be recognised as a FAA. The Fertcare license fee of $440 +GST for four years.

    Two systems providing public training capable of recommending your initial FAA status are:

    • Successful completion of Agronomy in Practice training will satisfy the requirements for initial FAA accreditation. For more details on Agronomy in Practice training Click Here.        
    • SoilMate: Successful completion of Better Soils Management training will satisfy the requirements for initial FAA accreditation. For more details on Better Soil Management training Click Here.

    Other Fertcare assessed systems such as NUlogic provide training for their internal system users which is capable of recommending an individuals initial FAA status.



  • If the candidate feels they already have the required knowledge and skills to meet the five FAA performance standards, they can undertake an individual FAA assessment through a recognition of prior learning (RPL) process. Success in the RPL process results in the person being recognised as a FAA. If the individual is an authorised user of a Fertcare assessed system offering Level Fertcare Full Service, Qualifying or Interpretative services, the participant only needs to provide evidence that they meet the recommendation and monitoring performance areas. Competence for analysis and interpretation is covered in the system audit. Costs for the assessment are agreed between the candidate and the Fertcare Level C trainer or an individual auditor.

For details on how to become a FAA refer to the Fertcare Accredited Advisor Participant Manual


Dairy farm nutrient management plans 

Dairy Australia and Fertcare have agreed key components of a nutrient management plan (NMP) for Australian dairy farms. The aim is to ensure that NMPs and fertilizer advice provided by FAA, are based on objective measures such as soil and plant analysis, follow sound sampling and laboratory practices, employ nationally recognised interpretation guidelines, utilises on-farm manure resources, and account for environmental risks. The details of this can be found here in the Fertcare® technical standards for nutrient management planning on Australian dairy farms document. This is a recommended standard for advisors providing soil and plant nutrition advice on dairy farms. In time, this will become the minimum standard for FAA servicing this industry. A high level summary of the dairy standard can be found here.