Benefits Of Being A Fertcare Accredited Advisor

The FAA program offers a way to aid the professional development of agronomists in a rural distribution business while helping to manage the business risk associated with providing detailed soil and fertilizer advice to clients. 

There are three key reasons for an agronomist to consider becoming a FAA:


  1. The FAA logo signifies the provision of high quality, independently audited advice based on sound practices and accepted science to promote farm productivity while protecting the environment. It provides a minimum standard for advice.
  2. The process of accreditation of either systems or individuals invariably leads to improvements in the quality and or consistency of advice.
  3. Nutrient management, along with off-site impacts, e.g. eutrophication, feature amongst the issues that are of high priority to the community, consumers and marketers of branded food and fibre products. Assurance on these issues is increasingly being sought throughout the supply chain. In seeking this assurance, not only are the practices employed by farmers to produce the food and fibre being scrutinised, but also the quality and source of professional advice farmers receive is being questioned. The FAA is well positioned to address these matters.