Nitrogen Use Efficiency And Nitrous Oxide

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Nitrogen is one of a number of essential elements for plant growth. Soil nitrogen supply limits crop yield in many situations. Managing nitrogen inputs to optimise crop yield, quality and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) while minimising nitrogen loss is often an important part of crop & pasture management.

The best management guides below provide a summary of management practices for a range of industries to help manage nitrous oxide emissions and improved NUE:

BMP Broadacre Dryland Crops.pdf

BMP Mixed Broadacre.pdf

BMP Irrigated Crops.pdf

BMP Intensive Pasture.pdf

BMP for N use on dairy pasture MPfN.pdf

BMP Sugarcane.pdf

BMP Vegetable.pdf

BMP Fruit&Vine.pdf


Management practices that improve the efficiency of N use

Sugarcane NUE Notes.pdf

Horticulture NUE Notes.pdf

Intensive Pasture NUE Notes.pdf

Broadacre NUE Notes.pdf


Nitrous oxide is a naturally occurring, powerful greenhouse gas emitted from agricultural soils. The industry sector nitrous oxide science reviews below will being you up to date with the most recent Australian science outlining the key processes and evaluation of management practices that relate to BMPs.

Nitrous oxide losses from dryland cropping.pdf

Irrigated cropping adendum.pdf

Nitrous oxide losses from intensive pasture.pdf

Nitrous oxide losses from sugarcane.pdf

Nitrous oxide losses from horticulture.pdf


If you are wanting a detailed scientific understanding of the process involved in nitrous oxide emissions, read the document below.

Understanding gaseous nitrogen emissions from agriculture.pdf



Safeguage can help you develop nutrient management strategies to reduce the risk of off-site nutrient movement. It is a model with simple inputs which provides a relative risk indicator of different nutrient loss pathways. Safeguage is available for sugarcane, dairy pasture and high rainfall zone grain growing.


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