Level A

Target Participants:

Level A is relatively simple to understand. It is suitable for people involved in the direct handling of fertilizers, particularly in relation to transport, storage, spreading and general rural merchandise roles.

Subject Matter:

Level A training requires the completion of a compulsory core module - Product Knowledge - which provides a basic understanding of fertilizer compost and soil ameliorant products including:
  • Physical identification
  • Understanding labels
  • Storage and handling characteristics
  • The main environmental and food safety risks

Level A also has four elective units:

  • Spreading
  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Customer Service

Each of the elective units runs for approximately half a day, addressing the environmental, food safety and OH&S issues specific to each job.

Level A training is delivered at regional locations throughout Australia.
The course is available to anyone. Members of Fertilizer Australia and AFSA are eligible for a discount on course costs.

Training workshop dates

If you change employment after you have completed Fertcare training, you are asked to advise the Fertcare Customer Service Manager of the change (P: 02 6230 6987 E: info@fertilizer.org.au)

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