Find An Accu-Spread Contractor or Machine Manufacturer

The "Accu-Spread® Listing" file below contains a list of businesses with current Accu-Spread accredited machines. The number on the left under each business is the Accu-Spread certificate number allocated when the machine is tested. Vehicle make and registration number are also provided in the Accu-Spread listing. 

The Accu-Spread graphs for each machine are also available below, listed by business and Accu-Spread certificate number. Accu-Spread Contractors have both a driver with a Fertrcare A certificate and the machine tested by an Accu-Spread Testing Officer. Machinery manufacturer machines tested do not require a driver with Fertcare A for certification. Please note that the Accu-Spread certification is for a specific unit tested, not a complete brand or model series.



Accuspread Listings.pdf


             Contractor Accu-Spread Certificates                                  Machinery Manufacturer Accu-Spread Certificates

                                                                                                                                                             Please note that the Accu-Spread certification is for a                                                                                                                                                                                                                          specific unit tested, not a complete brand or model series.

 Agvance Rural 813.pdf
     McDougall Fertiliser Service 864.pdf        Bredal Australia 815.pdf
 Altrac Spreading 764.pdf
     McDougall Fertiliser Service 865.pdf        Techgrow International 816.pdf
 Altrac Spreading 773.pdf
     McDougall Fertiliser Service 866.pdf        Techgrow International 819.pdf
 Altrac Spreading 774.pdf      McDougall Fertilizer Service 772.pdf        Waringa Agriculture 825.pdf
 Baileys Fertiliser 823.pdf      MJ Rivett 809.pdf        
 Baileys Fertiliser 824.      MJ Rivett 810.pdf        
 Browns Fertiliser 750.pdf      MJ Rivett 811.pdf        
 Browns Fertiliser 784.pdf
     MJ Rivett 812.pdf        
 Browns Fertiliser 785.pdf      Murray Goulburn Maffra 766.pdf        
 Customized Spreading 770.pdf      Murray Goulburn Maffra 767.pdf        
 Dellavedova Fertilisers 831.pdf
     Murray Goulburn Yarram 768.pdf        
 Dellavedova Fertilisers 832.pdf
     Pinnaroo Fertiliser 776.pdf        
 Deni Fertilisers 817.pd      Pinnaroo Fertiliser 777.pdf        
 Earley Spreading 868.pdf
     Quinn Transport & Spreading 878.pdf        
 Earley Spreading 870.pdf
     Quinn Transport & Spreading 879.pdf        
 Earley Spreading 872.pdf      Quinn Transport & Spreading 880.pdf        
 Earley Spreading 873.pdf
     Swan Bros 820.pdf        
 Earley Spreading 874.pdf
     Swan Bros 821.pdf        
 Fertspread 886.pdf
     Swan Bros 822.pdf        
 Fertspread 887.pdf
     Swan Bros 882.pdf        
 Fertspread 897.pdf
     Vickery Bros 797.pdf        
 Fertspread 898.pdf      Vickery Bros 798.pdf        
 Fowler Ag 867.pdf
     Vickery Bros 799.pdf        
 Fowler Ag 869.pdf
     Vickery Bros 800.pdf        
 Fowler Ag 871.pdf
     Vickery Bros 801.pdf        
 Gibsons 779.pdf      Vickery Bros 802.pdf        
 Gippsland Bulk Spreaders 846.pdf
     Vickery Bros 804.pdf       
 Gippsland Bluk Spreaders 847.pdf
     Vickery Bros 851.pdf        
 Gippsland Bulk Spreaders 848.pdf
     Vickery Bros 852.pdf        
 Gorst Rural 778.pdf
     Vickery Bros 853.pdf        
 Henry Fertilizer and Freight 794.pdf
     Vickery Bros 854.pdf
 Henry Fertilizer and Freight 795.pdf
     Vickery Bros 855.pdf        
 J and J Spreading 803.pdf
     Vickery Bros 856.pdf        
 J and J Spreading 843.pdf      Vickery Bros 857.pdf        
 J and J Spreading 844.pdf      Vickery Bros 858.pdf       
 Kellys 838.pdf      Vickery Bros 859.pdf        
 Kellys 839.pdf      Webber and Chivell 881.pdf        
 Kellys 840.pdf      Webber and Chivell 882.pdf    
 Korumburra Lime & Spreading 786.pdf
     Webber and Chivell 883.pdf    
 Korumburra Lime & Spreading 796.pdf      Webber and Chivell 884.pdf    
 Landmark kerang 805.pdf      Webber and Chivell 885.pdf    
 Landmark Kerang 806.pdf
     Webber and Chivell 761.pdf    
       Webber and Chivell 762.pdf    
     Webber and Chivell 763.pdf    
     Yenda producers 781.pdf