Accurate Spreading

Uneven Spreading

Uneven application means some areas of the paddock receive insufficient fertilizer and yield may be reduced in these parts of the field, while other areas receive more than the crop requires which both reduces profit in these parts of the paddock and increases the risk of off-site nutrient movement.




What Is Accu-Spread And What Are The Benefits?

Accu-Spread® helps optimise the return on fertilizer and machinery investments. Testing involves driving an operating spreader over a line of collection trays, weighing the contents of each tray and calculating the variation in spread pattern to determine an acceptable bout width.

Find An Accu-Spread Contractor or Machine Manufacturer

Accu-Spread contractors and their locations are listed. Have an informed discussion with your contractor about the capability of their Accu-Spread certified machine by viewing the individual Accu-Spread graphs and discover which fertilizers each machine has been tested with.



Testing Officers And The Process

Independent, testing officers undertake the machinery assessment leading to Accu-Spread certification. Modifications to improve the performance of spreaders can be undertaken by some testing officers.

What Do The Accu-Spread Graphs Mean?

Understand how to interpret Accu-Spread graphs and determine bout widths for different fertilizer products.



Accu-Spread® is a registered trade mark, action will be taken against organisations or individuals for unauthorized use.