What Is Accu-Spread And What Are The Benefits?

What is the Accu-Spread Testing Process?

The testing involves driving the spreading machine over a line of at least 50 equal-sized and spaced collection trays, while the machine is discharging product. The content of each collection tray is then weighed, noting the location of each tray in relation to the centre of the spreader. The data is entered into a computer program which calculates the CoV for various bout widths presenting this information in a graph. The graphs inform the operator the bout width to produce an acceptable spread pattern.

Benefits of an Accu-Spread Tested Machine

The primary benefits of having an Accu-Spread® tested machine are to:

  • improve productivity/efficiency for spreader operators
  • provide confidence, the appropriate amount of fertiliser is evenly applied thus assisting in optimising farm productivity and profitability
    minimise environmental damage by ensuring no over application of nutrients and operators trained to identify and manage risk areas.
  • provide operators with information about the performance of their machines
  • improve operating standards in the industry
  • provide operators with a risk management tool in the form of an independent test of the performance of their machine.